Big Bazaar

I happened to visit Big Bazaar today after a long time and was happily surprised not to have so much rush in the mall.

I had always discouraged myself from visiting Big Bazaar for two reasons. One - the huge rush and second the congested arrangement inside the mall. I found More comparatively better than any other super market including Reliance Fresh and Spencer's.

Last time when I visited Big Bazaar it had impressed me with the variety of grocery items available under one roof. This time I was amazed by the speed with which the billing was completed at the cash/credit counter. While the counters were still having a big queue and each customer having tens of items, I could not ignore that each item was getting correctly read by the bar code reader in the first attempt itself. It was a good to see this seamless operation as I have kind of got used to bad bar codes/readers in the More super market. It has been a constant observation that almost 15-20% items will be required to be re-read by the reader and 5-10% items will need manual entry in the system on the billing counter. This annoys the customer as it takes more time to complete the billing and at the end of it, she is not sure if the billing was done correctly. Big bazaar surprised me in a pleasant way :)

One thing that Big Bazaar or for that matter any super market can improve is to have separate queues for customers paying with credit cards and customers paying with cash or Sodexo coupons. Specially the coupons take much longer time to process than the cash.

On a side note: I really wonder why do companies give out "paper" coupons? Can't there be any e-option for likes of "Sodexo" coupons? I feel it is sheer waste of paper and hence against the green earth movement.


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