Republic Day - some random thoughts

As I attended the republic day flag hoisting ceremony at Mrunmay's school and now while watching the "RD Parade " on television, I have mixed feelings. On one side I am immensely proud about our nation, at the same time I keep on wondering about what kind of society my son would have 15-20 years down the line.

Some random thoughts on this republic day:
  • Why is the Republic day boiled down to flag hoisting ceremony? (Same is true for Independence day..)
  • Why do schools feel that is the ONLY way to inculcate patriotism in the kids?
  • How many people from this vast population really know what is a "Republic Day"?
  • I want to see the RD pared LIVE. Don't know when would it happen...
  • I want my kid to be loving this country. (Frankly I don't know what does that really mean..)
  • Would my son be presented with equal opportunities to shape his career and life? Or he would also keep on feeling that he should migrated to some "apparent" equal countries?
  • What do you understand by patriotism? Do you feel that you should be seen as patriotic by your peers, colleagues, relatives? What do you do to achieve that?
  • I want to do something different as part of my salute to all those who positively contributed in making this nation where it stands today. But I have no clue, how and what could be done.


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