Baba Ramdev, Fast Unto Death and The Yoga

If you are really worried about the effect of Baba Ramdev's fast unto death fiasco on The Yoga, remember following points:
  1. Baba Ramdev's Fast Unto Death has nothing to do with The Yoga or his Yoga capabilities.
  2. The Fast Unto Death that Baba started is purely political and there's nothing "Yogic" about it.
  3. This world is divided into two kinds of people - Who practice Yoga and who want to practice Yoga - some day. None of them would be shaken because of Baba Ramdev or any other Baba doing political stunt.
  4. People have heard enough examples of Sadhus going on fast days together and still surviving. Swami Nigamanand is a live example (My bad... He is no more. Govt was too busy fighting the fight against corruption and didn't get time to pay attention to this Swami, instead chose to focus on Baba Ramdev). There were cases in the past and there would be cases in the future too.
  5. Yoga is too powerful to fall just because one person preaching Yoga has not demonstrated it's power.
Even if we consider, Baba is acting genuine with his "Fast unto death", he was pushed to the corner by exiling him out of Delhi and not even allowing to enter Noida. He needed some escape route, and that's why others persuaded him to break his fast unto death.. simple .. Let's not worry about Yoga, but let's try and see how we can focus back on the fight against corruption.


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