Belief? Passion? What is it that drive me? Is there anything that I have done something unusual to live upto that belief? Hard questions .. and I really don't have answers to it.

Am I leading an ordinary life? May be.. but I think the beliefs and passions have no co-relation with whether I am sub-ordinary, ordinary or extra-ordinary. Beliefs and passions are expected to set a goal for yourself in terms of achievements - monitory, prestige, self-satisfaction etc. I am in search of such things about myself -what drives me? What keeps me going everyday? Is there something I look forward to outside my day-job? Do I take out time to do something everyday no matter what? Do I readjust my priorities to give preference to some task/activity/hobby? Answers are coming negative.. all negative... Seems like a need for deep soul searching.. what is that one thing I'd do everything? And if it is not there, what will that one thing, I'd be most happy to take up?

I hope to find answer soon, I surely hope so...

[PS: This post is coming as a first post in the thirty day writing challenge from This challenge is to encourages you to look within and trust yourself. It’s an opportunity to reflect on one's "now" and create direction for his/her future.]


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