Free Time

The busy schedule keeps me so much busy that I don't even get time to ponder over what would I do if I get some time free :)

So far, my default answer was - reading, and I used to claim that I can read anything that is in front of me, may it be a magazine or may it be a news daily or may it be novel. However, my recent observation is that this is not entirely true. The newspaper, I hardly get to read it and whenever I get it I just skim through it instead of reading. There is a huge stack of novels (thanks to Meghana) but I hardly read any of them. And magazines, it has been a long while I have bought any magazine. I think I like the inspirational or thought provoking or educational (really?) books rather than novels (Case in point - some of my recent read books - The Greatness Guide, The Case of a Bonsai Manager, Romancing the Balance sheet, 7 Habits of highly effective people (current read)). I really don't remember the last novel that I read, probably it was "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.. may be...

If I look at my current time spending patterns, I am spending most of the free time on Facebook, Twitter and reading some blogs. An hour or so in the evening goes in playing with Mrunmay and remaining time in surfing the channels on the idiot box.

While I am succeeding to a little bit in freeing up time for myself, I still don't have a kind of to-do list (not work related, but just a list of things that I'd want to take up during the free time). This results in unnecessary wastage of time in doing things that I might not have done at all if I had the list ready. Now that I have realized this, probably, I will work out a list of such things and would take them up as an when I get free time.

PS: This post is coming as a first post in the thirty day writing challenge from This challenge is to encourages you to look within and trust yourself. It’s an opportunity to reflect on one's "now" and create direction for his/her future.


Those are very good thoghts and I agree with you on having a list and working it out . Helps one to remain focused and get the maximum accomplished.

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