I said no to unwanted service...

While driving back home, I was planning for a lazy afternoon and was contemplating whether to rent a DVD or do something else. And suddenly my phone rang. It was a promotional call from BigFlix, a movie rental service, which I had used in the past. Not believing the coincidence, I immediately started wondering if I should re-subscribe to the service.

The person on the other side of the call was really nice and was selling it very softly. Knowing that I was ex-subscriber, he was rightly selling me the renewal and wasn't touting the service benefits. Finally I agreed to listen to his promo offer. It was 50% off on the website listed price of Rs.1000 if the payment is made using some specific banks debit card. Suddenly I realized that there could be another problem - delivery. Since I have now moved to Hinjewadi office, delivery to the office would be a problem. When I told this to the sales person, he agreed that there wouldn't be delivery possible at my office address, but he perused me to opt for home delivery.

Five hundred bucks for unlimited movies, one at a time was definitely an attractive option. So I decided to take up the offer. Since I was outside, I asked him to send me the details on my mail id. He agreed and said he would call up again after sometime to complete the registration.

After reaching home and while discussing this with Meghana , I started realizing that even though the offer is good, I would not be in a position to benefit from it. Practically I could have recovered the subscription cost in just 4-5 movies if I consider the average theater charges (not multiplex obviously). But considering the past experience I know for sure I would have spent lot of time, almost every weekend in watching movies.

This possibility turned out to be deterrent for this tempting offer. I am already struggling for time and cribbing that I don't get time to do what I want to do. So finally decided not to subscribe.

In the meanwhile that fellow had called me up four times. When he called again I told him that I don't want to subscribe. I had to tell him twice that it is nothing about his skills or the BigFlix as a service; but it is about me and my time. Finally he gave up.

Feeling so much good now, that I won't be spending time unnecessarily on not so wanted service and I can put it to some good use...


6000 said…
Bigflix.com - This is a big scam. They take the membership money in advance, deliver DVDs promptly for 2-3 days to falsely establish the fact that they provide good service and then disappear after that with
no trace. I have called almost everyday for the last 8 days to get a movie picked-up and the next one delivered, but nobody in rental Bigflix is remotely bothered for this basic service running their whole movie rental business. The Customer Care is full of dumb parrots who can only say one line, ’I have taken your complaint and I am forwarding it to the concerned department’. That is all they have been told to say, seems like a bunch of zero IQ school dropouts. If you request the CSE that you want to speak to a supervisor/manager, they will put the call on hold for eternity and come back saying they could transfer the call. They do not come any dumber than renal Bigflix customer service executive. Rental BigFlix has set the bench mark for the worst customer service, dumb of the dumbest customer service agents, zero responsibility and money making scam.

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