Petrol Prices, Fixed Deposits and Salary Hikes

Why Am I Happy to have my FD doubled every 7 years but absolutely hate if the petrol price follows the same path?

Remember there was a time when the compounded pre-tax yield on the fixed deposit was 100% every five year. Now it is has increased to somewhere 7 and 8 years. It feels good to see that your money is doubled in 7 years or so.

Last 13 years, I have been part of the working class, I have observed the salaries shooting skywards to the tune of 8-10 times. This is restricted probably to IT industry, however, even other sectors have seen growth to the tune of 10% y-o-y which is beating the FD interest rate. Even the salaries of household help have been increasing in the same ratio, slightly higher at times.

But when it comes to petrol prices, which is following the same trend (on an average price being doubled in 7 odd years), everyone is furious.

Interesting, isn't it? :)


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