Samsung Galaxy S2 @ 24K!!

Amongst many of the online shopping sites, Indiaplaza is becoming my favorite shopping site. User friendliness and multiple payment options being the two most important reasons.

Some of the purchases include a personalized Parker Pen and quite a few books. The biggest shopping that I did was just two weeks back - Samsung Galaxy S2 - a gem!! Meghana was eying this piece since February this year. The mobile launched only recently, however, with a huge disappointment on the price front. Our expectation was somewhere around 24-25K given the feature set. The launch price was 33K!! Meghana had almost given up the hopes of owning it in near future and had started looking for other options. With none is site, I was seeing her desperation. And Indiaplaza came in to rescue :) It offered flat 3K discount on the listed price i.e. 30K, still a bit more than what we wanted it to be priced at. And one fine day, I received a discount coupon in my mail box, worth 1K. Net price - 29K.

We tried the Samsung store in Aundh, if he has something to offer. He had meager 300 bucks discount to offer. And suddenly it struck me... Indiaplaza allows to redeem the CitiBank reward points while purchasing and I knew I had a significant number of points on my credit card - 5000!! And now the price calculations started falling in place. Net price came down to 24K, which was essentially in the budget range we were comfortable with. 4K of pure discount from Indiaplaza and 5K of reward points - that was a huge saving and to top it all smile on Moghana's face :)

Thank you Indiaplaza and CitiRewards :)


Hi Mandar,

Your post helped me buy my S-II from indiaplaza, though I did not have any voucher, but them giving it at 29,900 itself was a kickass offer. I placed an order yesterday after reading your blog mention on indiaplazas Facebook page
Unknown said…
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