Customer Service is improving...

Some recent experiences. Except for one, rest are pretty good.

Domino's Pizza:

Few days back, I came to know that Domino's has started with online ordering system. With my recent adventures of online shopping, there was nothing to stop me and I ended up in ordering online. The experience was pretty smooth and hassle free. Given that it was first time, Meghana confirmed the order by calling up the concerned outlet. Incidentally, we checked the watch exactly at 30th minute and realized that the pizza hadn't reached us yet. And then it was hard to stop Meghana to call up the outlet to check what's happening with our pizza. To our surprise, when she mentioned that it is already past 30 mins, the outlet manager was kind/professional enough to agree to keep the "Domino's promise" and promptly asked us to call him back when the delivery boy reaches. The Delivery boy also gracefully returned some 300 bucks, no questions asked. The wonderful thing happened after that. While we were about to start enjoying our pizza, the same manager called up again and mentioned that Domino's have already credited back the 300 bucks online to our credit card account. This was amazing. Apparently they had some way to detect automatically if the delivery was getting delayed or not. And if getting delayed, it automatically credits the respective amount!! Isn't this amazing?

99 Labels:
This is my another experiment(s) with online shopping. A pretty good decent website and good shopping experience. Overall quite happy. However, a typical behavior of the site is - if you place an order with two items, you'd end up receiving only one. And for rest, they would give you money back. The customer service is okay except that it is very non-human. The CS reps do not have access to past history of the user and hence end up sending similar looking mails, which make no sense at all. The good part is that at least I am getting my ordered items... well not on time, but I get them :)

Very good customer service. They also have a good facility to track customer complaints/requests and address them effectively. The CS reps do not hesitate to call back and provide information if something is amiss on their side.

This was the worst experience. I got introduced to this site through SnapDeal, and had a very bad experience. I wanted to purchase something for Meghana for her birthday in the month of March. But I didn't receive the item nor was I refunded until early June. I had to pass on the battle to Meghana to talk to the customer service and then only they accepted to refund back the money. After that it took me 3 weeks to actually get the money back!! I'd never shop with this site again... never...

Although the FashionVia experience was bad, SnapDeal was prompt enough to credit 50 points to my account in lieu of the money that I had spent on snapping a deal on FashionVia. It took only couple of mails to register complaint and providing details and asking for credit.

Samudra Restaurant:

The familiarity had almost made this place near Nal Stop a no-go for quite some time. Even though we hadn't been here for a long time, never felt like going there. But in recent past, we got a really good experience. On one fine Saturday morning, we went to Samudra for lunch, since we had some work around Karve Road and didn't want to waste much time in dining. When we started ordering, which we thought would be enough for two, the captain softly and in hesitant tone told that the entire order would be too much for two. We were happily surprised. There were instances when we had cursed the restaurant for not hinting about the quantity and almost running after easy money. This was a very good example. We decided to listen to the fellow and he turned out to be right. We were full with the limited order and had avoided the wastage of food and money.
Another instance just couple of days back. After a hectic Saturday in the office, we again landed up in Samudra. This time it was a turn for Chole Bhature. The Bhatura that came to my table was absolutely soaked in Oil, in fact the oil was dripping out. I mentioned this to Meghana casually. The captain happened to pass from their either heard this or observed this. But he promptly offered to replace it even though I had finished it more than a quarter. Within few mins, I had a new Bhatura and this time very nicely done :)

There were days, when I used to say that the customer service in India is pathetic, and we'd never get better at it. Looks like I was wrong, and I am happy about it :)


jennifer said…
This post is very useful to know the positive and negative of the sites.So that we can take neccessary measurements when we want to shop through these sites

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