Post Fast Thoughts

With all the excitement and action that was going on for last few weeks in India, I am sure everyone is well aware of the cause and the need for the fight. While every person that was talked to was saying that corruption needs to be eradicated. Corrupt should be punished and we the common people should be able to carry out our daily business and duties without contributing the corruption.

I am not fully convinced that the outcome of fast-unto-death is a big step. The fight itself was a big success, but the outcome may not be. However, this needs to be seen. It all depends on how the crusaders of the Anti-corruption fight copes up with the political games. I strongly feel media has a very crucial role to play. Every claim by either parties needs to be put forth to the people of India. Today there are news maligning Mr. Arvind Kejariwal. Can't media simply file RTI to seek the reason why the matter is being dug out only now? Why it wasn't closed in due time period? IB/ED wanting to act after 5 years is definitely suspicious. Similar exercise was tried when Anna were on fast. Thankfully people behind it realized the side effects of it on time and the malignation campaign was faded immediately.

While the common man was all set for the fight, it kept me wondering where were the political parties. I am sure all the party workers come from "common man" class. Then why weren't they putting pressure on their leadership to support the campaign? Wouldn't it help them as well in the long run? Or all of them chose to sit on the fence and are waiting to see in which direction wind is flowing?

I think the anti-fight corruption should have spread even further. We had the candle light marches and "maha-anshan" exercises at various places. Another effective tool could have been pushing the local leadership to make their stand clear. What if we all had "geraoed" local MLAs, corporators and pushed them to publish their stand? It would have helped making "doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani".

Lastly, while there were many new supporters to the campaign, one long timer was missing, rather is missing even now - Tata Tea sponsored "Jago Re" campaigners. At least I didn't see any supporting ads or open support by any of the Tata group industries. Surprising, isn't it? 


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