Real problem

The most obvious reaction to this picture is that our education system is flawed and the above problem depicts THE problem - every individual is being given same set of criteria to prove himself/herself. The person behind the table is asking the candidates to perform same act irrespective of the capabilities of the individuals. However, is it really a problem? I don't think so. Real problem is different.

Real problem is why does the elephant want to get evaluated for a criteria which he is not even meant for? Why is fish and dog standing in the same queue which calls for a skill related to climbing a tree? Shouldn't fish be finding a table that asks for swimming or diving skills? Shouldn't dog be standing in a queue that asks for hunting or protection skills? The person behind the table is looking for a specific skill - climbing a tree. Why should he be blamed for not judging the hunting or swimming skills?

I believe the problem is not a single criteria of evaluation. The problem is that everyone is rushing to the single opportunity even if it is not matching their skills, their strengths. Not many people are trying to find opportunities  other than the one that is easily visible. If the current system is not presenting the opportunities, we should be creating opportunities ourselves, instead of standing in the queue which doesn't match your capabilities and aspirations. It is in our hands to choose - continue pointing to wrong problem or identify the correct problem and find solution for the same.

Any thoughts?

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That's a good question, why are the elephant, dog and fish standing in line for a test of tree climbing skills?

w.r.t our education system, it is because the only perceived guaranteed lifetime supply of food is at the top of the tree.

the bodies of the elephant, dog, fish & penguin are all evolved to be able to find food for themselves on their turf. But then along comes a "more intelligent" creature like a monkey, and slowly starts taking away the food from all their territories and stowing it away on top of the tree. As a result, all the other animals must now learn to climb the tree, or die. This is the evolutionary picture.

What happens in human society is not too different. A few professions (finance being the prime example), manage to concentrate most of the money (our equivalent of food) in their hands, and others don't have as much resources left. That's why others have to compete with the "monkeys". That's why everyone learns on his/her own and teaches their kids to climb trees, never mind whether their bodies (minds) were built for that purpose or not.
Mandar Behere said…
Taking your base - "Only perceived guaranteed lifetime supply of food is at the top of the tree"

If that is accepted as the reason, isn't it too easy for the parents of elephant to show him/her how to get the food even w/o climbing a tree? This is precisely I am pointing out. We need to teach/show our children what are the options available based on their capabilities and skills. We need to encourage them to carve out their own territory where there are no monkeys to fool around. Yes, eventually monkeys will come, but by that time, you should have made life for yourself...
it's not easy. most of us, parents included, go for safety first. we'd rather become sarkari babus pushing files in a dead-end job all our lives because it guarantees "security" for life. most of us don't want to take a chance with trying out something unconventional, because the risks involved are huge. it's all fine if it works out for someone, but if it doesn't, then he/she's staring at a life of misery, which is what our parents don't want for us.

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