Boycott is not a way at all

Dear BJP,

With all due respect to the senior leaders and the partymen, it is unfair on people's part to boycott someone or the parliament session. If you have some proofs against some person, please hand them over to judiciary system, invoke pleas to remove that person from the seat. If you feel it is not right to have that person in the seat even until the judiciary system hears your plea, please start educating the people of India and have peaceful protests outside the parliament. If your claim has value, it will surely see the light of the day. People of India have proven their eagerness to fight against corruption and if you have strong case, people will support you as we. But YOU need to prove beyond doubt that you have a case.

By boycotting the person and thereby halting the working of parliament is sheer waste of time and money for the people of India and please understand this. These hours could be used in a far more productive ways in order to complete the agenda of the session and would be beneficial to the people of India.

Yours truly.

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