Mrunmay's first Karaoke

It was Ragini's Birthday earlier last week and I was not in town, so Meghana and I decided to take her out on last Friday after I returned back. As a practice, we try to visit newer places when we go out and this time it was "Puran-da-dhaba" located at Pride Hotel, Shivajinagar. 

Given that it was a Friday night, I thought there would be a rush and hence called them up and reserved the table for four. Fortunately, the place was not crowded at all. As we entered the place, the ambiance caught our eyes. The place was decorated to give the dhaba look and to a large extent it was successful. A "khaat", a bullock-cart, some posters. There were mehendiwali and chudiwalee and an astrologer too (this is something may not be part of actual dhaba.. but nonetheless it was there). 

As we climbed up the stairs, a more Dhaba-like look appeared. Around 12-15 tables. Few were unoccupied. The captain pointed us to a table reserved for us. The curious eyes were looking all around and Mrunmay and I both saw it almost instantly. There was a place for live singing - couple of chairs, a synth, set of speakers and mixer unit along with couple of mics. Mrunmay had to check out what all was that. As he climbed up the dias, I asked him if he wants to sing. As a habit he nodded his head negatively. I persuaded saying that it was his stage today. He sounded interested. After couple more attempts he said yes. My intention was just to keep him occupied and interested through the dinner. What followed was just amazing.

As he was exploring on the stage, he saw the mic. With instant reaction, he picked it up and started singing the song - "Twinkle Twinkle.." I was under the impression that since the singers are not around, the mic is turned off and the speakers would also be off. But both were on!! Mrunmay's voice was all over the place and everyone started looking at us not knowing what's happening. Incidentally the person who was playing the Synth was around and started playing the music in the same pace as Mrunmay was singing. This was followed by Baba Blacksheep, "Jangal Jhadeet waghoba lapale" and "Pussy Cat Pussy Cat"

What amazed us was his boldness and lack of fear of stage. He wasn't really concerned if the entire restaurant was listening to him or not. He just wanted to sing utilizing the new found prop - mic. He wanted to continue singing but the singers already had some songs lined up and we were also running out of time, so Mrunmay had to stop after those 3-4 songs. 

Ragini's comment - Best birthday gift ever!! :)


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