Tadoba - Part 1

As our bi-annual vacation planning started, I did the easiest thing - asked Meghana to find the destination and do the bookings :) Jokes apart, she is really good and lucky at finding good places and accommodation. I had tried once, but ...

Given her passion for photography (you can see some examples here, here and here), I knew we'd end up somewhere in the Jungles, and so was it!! Incidentally, we had to visit Akola before our vacation time and it was very thoughtful of her to choose the destination closer to Akola (lesser driving for me :p). Tadoba (Chandrapur district) seemed to be a good choice. It is a tiger sanctuary and is known to be good. Without much discussion further, we finalized the destination. The real question came about the accommodation. There didn't seem to be any choice apart from MTDC @ Moharli and couple of other "resorts". The Local contact and the tour guide strongly advised to take up the MTDC as it is the best amongst the available. With hesitation, we chose MTDC. Hesitation was due to perception of government service, which is absolutely bad.

While planning the travel from Pune i.e. using Google Maps, the road looked almost straight. Akola-Amaravati-Pulgaon-Hinganghat-Moharli.
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The real question was how is the road condition. We had planned to take out Vento and drive down to Akola and then further. Akola-Amaravati was a no-brainer. But Meghana and I didn't know about the rest of the road. So enquired amongst some localites in Akola and also called up the tour guide. We got to know about another route - Akola-Yavatmal-Vani-Moharli.
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Again called up couple of friends from Vardha, to know the latest status of the road and finalized that we'd take the earlier route. So all set to start the travel on early morning on 25-Oct.



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