Tadoba - Part 2

Continued from earlier post - Tadoba - Part 1

Considering our past experience, we decided to start early in the morning to avoid late evening/night travel. Surprisingly Mrunmay was also up by 5:15 AM or so and we could leave Akola by 6:30 AM. 

Road to Amarawati is absolutely fabulous, barring some junctions and few rough patches. Meghana and I were happy that we had taken the route. Just before Amarawati, we took the bypass. This bypass is very recently built and is a very pleasant experience to drive on. The gentleman at the Toll Gate told that for Pulgaon, we'd need to take a right turn on the same road. But the road was so beautiful, that we missed the turn and reached the other end of the bypass road!! Another toll gate. The gentleman here gently told us that we have missed the diversion and we'd need to go back... It turned out that there was not enough signboards at that diversion :( This was quite contrary to the experience so far, as we had seen ample indicators in our road journey so far. 

After leaving the bypass road we touched SH243, from where we were expecting road to get somewhat rough and traffic to increase given it would be only 2 lane road. To our surprise the road was pretty good and we reached Chandur Railway by about 9. Time for breakfast!! But no good restaurant/dhaba in sight. Considering Mrunmay was asleep, we decided to wait until Pulgaon hoping to have some good place to eat.

By 9:30 we're in Pulgaon, but again, didn't see a good place to eat. We were contemplating if we should pull for another hour or so and checkout Hinganghat. We anyway wanted to check the road for Hinganghat so inquired with an old fellow. He told us the way to Hinganghat, but also told us a good restaurant in Pulgaon, which was just few meters away. We took the detour to "Hotel Balaji". It was a decent place with a family seatout. It looks like, people at this place were Samosa lovers!! The food was okay, except the fact that the Idli was cold and Mrunmay wanted to eat only that!!

Finally we left Pulgaon in about 45 mins or so and were on our way to Hinganghat. Road has been very good so far and we were happy about it. All this while, Meghana was doing the job of navigator using her Galaxy S2 and 3G. Before the junction which led us to NH7, she realized that the same road that goes to Jamb also goes to Vani in other direction. Two things happened. From the map it looked logical to go southwards first and then eastward, rather than northward-southward-eastward. And secondly we'd have got a longer stretch on NH7 which could have given some relief on driving stress and time. Thirdly, Vani looked to be a bigger place than Jamb, and we could have halted there for lunch. With all these things in mind, we decided to take southward direction towards Vani and hit the NH7.

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But we didn't know what was coming our way...



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