Adword problem

You use Google for searching quite a few things. Thanks to the browser feature where you type in some name in the address bar, if it is not a FQDN, it simply uses default search engine to search that term. So when you type in "google" in the address bar, it will search for google. And if you search for "bing" it will search for bing.

Now if you search for a website using Google, which also uses the adwords, it will look like this:
 I wanted to visit and instead of using the shortcut (ctrl+enter) I just pressed enter in the address bar, and this is what google search threw at me. If SurveyMonkey is going to be displayed as the topmost result, does it really make sense to also display the ad for SurveyMonkey on the same page?

User invariably tends to click on the ad displayed, which means revenue for Google and actually loss for the company using the adword service. Couldn't and shouldn't this be changed? Is this a problem with the configuration that advertiser uses or this is something that advertiser has no control over?

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