Movie Review: Jolly LLB

Jolly LLB - Nice story line, but wasted. 

This movie is about an aspiring lawyer from a small town, who wants to make it big in some or the other way. Jagdish Tyagi aka Jolly (Arshad Warsi) is a small time lawyer from small town in U.P. who is struggling to get established. With a strong belief that he can settle down Delhi, he reaches the capital, but there's no change.

As part of his presence in the court he happens to attend a high profile case of hit-and-run, represented by a well known lawyer Mr. Rajpal (Boman Irani). The case gets dismissed due to the usual reasons of no eye-witness, no evidence and all similar *t. Mr. Rajpal was expecting a huge fees from Mr. Diwan, whose son was the main culprit in the hit-and-run case. And Mr. Diwan makes a mistake there. Rajpal is given peanuts as his compensation since the case gets closed in just about 6 weeks. And this hurts Rajpal's ego. 

Jolly sees an opportunity in his attempt to get established, and files a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) against the verdict of the court to let Diwan go scott free. This move takes some unexpected turns and then unfolds the drama in the courtroom witnessing the dirty games those get played to save the high profile youngster. 

With some luck on his side and with some effort, Jolly gets some evidences which turn out to be very crucial for the case, making Diwan family to run for the youngster's survival.

The end of the movie is very predictable, although you'd like some of the twists.

Boman Irani carries himself well in the role of Rajpal, whereas Arshad Warsi is average. It is very difficult to take him out of the character "circuit" from Munnabhai and you can see it even in this movie. Saurabh Shukla plays a fine role of the judge. Amruta Rao adds absolutely no value to the movie. It's actually a double whammy. She hasn't acted in a while and this movie itself doesn't provide any opportunity for her even to try.

On the whole - watch it at home when you have nothing else to do.


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