Pune Traffic Improvements - Parking

With so many vehicles on the road, parking is ought to become a problem for city like Pune. It is no surprise that the old part of the city has huge problem of parking space, but it is surprising to see that even the newer localities are being developed without much consideration towards the parking requirements in coming years.

Nevertheless, here are some points which would be applicable to almost all the areas:
  • Need explicit marking where the parking starts and where it ends. Board like "No parking 15 mtrs on both sides" makes no sense to me as it is very difficult to know where 15 mtrs start and where it ends. Better way could be marking the no parking area using two boards indicating start and end of the parking/no-parking slot. 
  • Wherever there's dedicated parking for four wheelers, marking the space for individual vehicles. It is not so uncommon to see haphazard parking, which ends up wasting the valuable space in between the two parking spaces, adding to the parking woes. 
  • Similarly parking could be marked for the two wheelers wherever it is dedicated for the two wheelers.
  • Many-a-times a vehicle is found to be parked on the footpath. There needs to be a mechanism to quickly report such instances and penalizing the offenders really fast.

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