Pune Traffic Improvements - Pedestrians

Pedestrians form a huge chunk of Pune's traffic. You'll see all kind of people walking the street - students, college crowd, working men-women, senior citizens. It's time to support them with right infrastructure.

  1. Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra Crossing)
  2. At many signal junctions these are present, and at others they are missing.
    • Wherever they are present, most of the times the vehicles stop on the crossing and hence leaves no place for the pedestrians to use the space.
    • It is rare to see a policeman at the junction enforcing this, although there's a recent drive to put up the signboards across major junctions to keep the Pedestrian crossing unoccupied.
    • A frequency of the pedestrian crossing needs to be defined on long stretches where there are no signals. If there are no accessible zebra crossings, pedestrians tend to cross the road wherever they feel like, causing much of a problem for the ongoing traffic. 
    • I believe crossing the road needs to be simplified for the pedestrians by not making them climb up/down the underpass/overbridges. That is one of the main reasons for underusage of the underpass/overbridge wherever they have been built
    • Wherever possible, flyover needs to be built for the vehicles and pedestrian path needs to be kept at the same level as rest of the road to enable senior citizens cross the roads with equal ease.
    • Signboards notifying the distance to the next zebra crossing would help in avoiding pedestrians crossing the road mid-way.
    • Regular maintenance of the zebra crossing to ensure they are visible and not faded. 
    • Provision needs to be made to penalize the pedestrians who do not use the zebra crossing even where it is available within, say 200 mts. of distance.
  3. Footpath
    • Footpaths need to be wide enough for pedestrians to walk onto. They need to have uniform surface ensuring senior citizens and kids as well can walk easily on the footpaths.
    • The encroachments on the footpaths need to be removed on a continual basis allowing pedestrians to walk on the footpaths without any obstacles.
    • Provision needs to be made to penalize the pedestrians who do not use the footpath wherever available.
    • Criteria needs to be defined and needs to be used to develop the footpaths (Road that is 'N' meter wide at least, should get 0.1x'N' wide footpath etc.)
    • This will ensure that the entire road is available for the vehicles to move and is not occupied by the pedestrians walking on the road!!
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