Pune Traffic Improvements - Traffic Signals

While driving through the city, I keep on thinking about the changes those could help improve the traffic in various localities. Some are generic thoughts, while remaining are very peculiar to a specific location - road, junction or a combination thereof.

By no means this is an expert opinion, but simply is a wishlist of a person who follow the traffic rules and would like to see various things facilitating the law-abiding citizens!!

Today's listing is about traffic control signals.
  1. The signals at the junctions seem to be having varying patterns and there's little consistency. There are places where there are specific signs for allowing U turn, at places there are no such signs. It gets confusing when right turn is not allowed. Does "No right turn" means "No U Turn" as well?
  2. Many signals do not have the countdown timers. It becomes impossible for a driver to know if the signal is about to change or not. Moreover, it would help the conscious citizens to turn off the vehicles if the signal is expected to be "Red" for long duration.
  3. Make the signal timing equal for all the three directions. Many signals allow commuters to take right turn for lesser time as compared to straight and/or left direction. Streets in Pune are not that wide where a separate lane could be carved out for vehicles taking right turn. This essentially results into blocking the entire rightmost lane even if there's only one vehicle which wants to take right turn. This also results in unnecessary honking from the people who get stuck in the right most lane!
  4. Need an easy-to-use system to report malfunctioning of the signal system. Given the vast number of junctions having signaling system, it would be very convenient for the Traffic Department, if citizens could report the non-functional or malfunctioning system right from their mobile.

  5. Not every signal provides sufficient time for pedestrians to cross the road. This needs to be given due attention given the large number of pedestrians in the city. 


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