Jay-Vijay Motors - advertising in wrong direction?

Last few days I have been hearing the radio ads by Jay-Vijay motors on various radio channels in Pune. 

First one is for persuading the Volkswagen owners to get their vehicles to Jay-Vijay motors for servicing. The punch line is that "you" get your vehicle to their service center in the heart of the city and do not rely on some unknown person to do pickup and delivery. Unknown driver may cause damage to your Volkswagen car. 

The second one is for availing attractive discount on the Volkswagen cars between 21-Jun and 23-Jun (yeah, for three days and it looks like the ad started running today morning itself). 

Jay-Vijay motors is located near Managla Theater and the service station is very much at the same place.  AFAIK, Jay-Vijay motors has only one competitor in Pune area and that is B.U.Bhandari, whose showroom is located on Pashan road near Abhimanshri Society and the service station is near Wakad on Pune-Bangalore Highway. So every Volkswagen car owner has to choose between one of these two providers for the servicing, which is annual (at least for Vento). Considering the locality of Jay-Vijay motors, I am very much wary of taking my vehicle to that area, solely because of the traffic conditions and the time required to and fro. It is much more convenient to opt for pick-up and delivery so as to save the time, which is very precious now-a- days. Why would I spend my time - to-and-fro - just for the projected risk of accidental damage? I don't see a point.

Again about the discount scheme. Typically customers spend good amount of time in finalizing the car model and the dealer. It usually involves lot of research online as well as offline, numerous visits to the dealer(s), test drives of the vehicles, negotiations for various accessories and discounts etc. If you are very much close to purchase the vehicle, by all chances, you have finalized the dealer and the bargain price as well. Why would someone jump on to Jay-vijay motor discount bandwagon, without due diligence? Such discount schemes would likely benefit those customers who were anyway planning to buy it from you and would do very little to attract new customers. 

If at all you are planning to launch a discount scheme, ensure that marketing happens well in advance so that people can consider it while finalizing their choice and you can expect new customers coming your way!!. ROI would be higher in my opinion.


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