Balak Palak (Marathi Movie)

Yesterday Zee Marathi aired one of the recent movies in Marathi - BP (Balak - Palak). I had heard a lot about the movie and also had planned to watch it in theater, but somehow I couldn't. So when I get to know the timing, I blocked my calendar and also ensured that Mrunmay doesn't disturb in between :p

The theme is very different from the movies that we have seen so far and very happy for the BP team to take up such a subject. It is about the children with their unending curiosity for everything including sex and some of the side effects of it. You can read more about the storyline and other things at imdb and other sites.

What I liked about the movie:

  • All the kids (not kids really) - Avya, Bhagya, Chiu, Dolly and Vishu. Very good performance by each one of them.
  • Kadam kaka by Kishor Kadam
  • Song selection when the kids were trying to peeping through the window - That one is too hilarious!!
  • The emotional disturbance after the kids watch the BP aka "Dhinchyak". Dolly is the first one to really realize what it has done to their relationship, innocence and how each one of them is getting affected.
  • Reaction of Bhagya's father - "I won't let it enter my home!!" - that's classic and probably most common one!!
  • Kid's reactions while watching the BP, very explicit changes in their facial expressions, body postures.. very well done.
What I didn't like:
  • The story does a good job to put the question at forefront, but does little to help parents answer these kinds of questions from the kids. It definitely is going to be very subjective and every parent has to handle it differently, but I felt the movie was incomplete without this crucial part!!
  • Avya's reaction when he see the "special" magazines in his son's room. His reaction aptly fits to a person who never got a different treatment himself. In Avya's case, he definitely got a different treatment through Kadam Kaka and probably through his own parents at a later stage. I would have expected it to be more matured, it could still have been a shock for him, but the reaction should have been different.
  • Neha's character was out of date. The movie seems to be set in 1983 and her appearance was little too bold for that era!! It may not be true..
PS: Watching Balak-Palak on Zee marathi was most pathetic experience. The movie concept was good but can't take 10 mins of advertisements for every 5-7 mins of movie and to top it all, I had to watch "eka lagnachi tisari gosht" promo 7-8 times followed by same set of advertisements!! I should have watched it in the theater :(


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