Living in the moment

Are you living in the moment? 
Do you think of taking out your mobile phone and click that beautiful scenery even before you spend enough time appreciating and enjoying it? You are not...

Do you take out your camera and start clicking the photos when the birthday girl is cutting the cake? Are you paying attention to her happiness or focusing on focusing your camera? You are not living in the moment..

Do you get urge to check your facebook profile when someone is talking to you? You are not living in the moment...

And yeah, this is the picture I should post on my instagram stream.. You just missed living in the moment...

This is the feeling I always get when I walk around. Recent example is Ganesh Wisarjan (Idol immersion procession). More than 50% of the crowd were taking out their mobiles and cameras and shooting the procession. Most of them video recording it. This was happening at the cost of other view's sight. When you raise your mobile or camera to shoot/click something you are an obstacle for someone else who wants to enjoy the view. But most of them were completely ignoring this fact and I also saw some outbursts from the audience who were getting angry at such "shooters".

The memories are important, but you'll have vivid memories if you have lived in the moment - every second of it. If your attention is drifting to making "memorable" clicks or videos, you just lost the most enjoyable experience.

Next time you go for a function, keep your mobile away and enjoy the event. It is not always necessary to have clicks of every second without really enjoying it.


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