Ten Years - may be a short period or may be a long period. It depends. It does not depend on whether those years were full of joy or full of tears. It depends if you enjoyed those days irrespective of joy or tears. It depends on the memories that you created for yourself. 

And if I add another dimension to consider - a partner? It still remains the same. You would feel the time was short if you enjoyed every moment you were together, if you cherish every joy and every tear. And I am still wondering how fast last ten years have gone by!!

Yes, today, Meghana and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary. It has been a roller-coaster ride. Lot of ups and downs. Lot of smiles and few tears too. 

The story had started almost twelve to thirteen years back. It obviously was a one way traffic initially, which took more than 2 years to become a two way road and another year or so make it a highway :) 

When I look back, I am very happy to have made a right decision. Meghana has supported me in every thing that I have taken up and I hope this feeling is mutual. There have been times when we had big fights, but one rule we both followed - not sleeping over the issue. Communication has played a crucial role and we have reached a level we can easily tell each other if something is amiss, without feeling awkward or without hesitation. Meghana - I think that's a big plus of our relationship! 

Another plus point is - not even once I felt that I shouldn't have married! I really despise all those moments when people around me crib and say "shaadi is barbaadi", "Bachelor hona hi achchha hai" and all similar things. Initially I used to take it lightly, but soon realized that these sentiments came out pretty frequently from all those people and I have started appreciating Meghana every time someone says something similar! Thanks Meghana for making me unique husband in that sense :)

With the handsome addition to the family - Mrunmay - life seems to be a very good ride. 

It is not easy for a working woman to pay attention to all three fronts effectively, but Meghana seems to be making it a perfect balance. Mrunmay is growing up very well under her grooming. What other best gift a a working mom can get from her son?

And yeah, how can I forget her passion? PHOTOGRAPHY!! 

Mrunmay is also picking up the photography hobby!!

Here is a pic taken by Mrunmay:

A Trip down the memory lane, which is now 10 years long:

  • Year 2005

  • Year 2006

  • Year 2007

  •  Year 2008

  •  Year 2009

  •  Year 2010

  •  Year 2011

  •  Year 2012
  •  Year 2013
  • And Now..

Thank you Meghana for togetherness!! Thank you for everything :)


Paritosh Uttam said…
How about some pics prior to 2005? :-)
Mandar Behere said…
There's one - 2004 :D
aghal-paghal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sameer said…
Nice post Mandar!. Enjoyed the candidness!

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