Good Start Of The Year

As I opened the newspaper today morning, a very good news took my attention. 
No more subsidized food in Parliament canteen from January 1
Parliament canteen food rates have been in the news for a long time now. In July one of the sitting MPs called for rate revision of the canteen food and then every newspaper published the rate card. Any sane person would go insane by looking at the subsidized rates available in that canteen. 
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Speaker of the Parliament had ordered the review of rates in the canteen via food committee and the new rates are effective today. Rates have been revised so as to operate the canteen at "no profit no loss" basis

The actual revision is not really the good part, the good part is that this government listened to the anomalies brought to the government's notice and has taken corrective measures. This, indeed, is a very good thing.

While there have already been reports about how our Rail Ministry and MEA is responding to the peoples' needs, this one adds to the list of good things happening around. 

With this good news, I wish all my readers a very happy new year. May all your dreams continue to come true in coming days!!


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