Movie Review: The Boss Baby

At the insistence of Mrunmay, we decided to watch this animation movie - "The Boss Baby" and wow!! I had a good laugh during the movie multiple times. Excellent animation with some very innovative ideas, this movie makes a must watch for adults. 

The movie takes a dig at corporate life many times during the course and the real fun will come to those who have experienced it themselves or have at least been exposed to the jargon. The movie starts with a concept how babies are born rather "manufactured" and how do they decide whether to send them to families or to management. 

It turns out that "Babycorp" is in the business of manufacturing babies and is feeling a threat from "Puppycorp" due to their increasing market share of "love" from human beings. As a result Babycorp decides to send one of their best to a family of "Templetons" - A couple and a boy named - Timothy (Tim) and that results in the disaster for Tim. This highly imaginative kid suspects that the baby, who is wearing suit and tie, carries a briefcase, has some secret agenda and then it becomes Tim's goal to find out the details. After a while, both of them realise that it is in their interest to work together and defeat "Puppycorp". What was it that Puppycorp was planning? Did the Boss Baby go back to babycorp? Watch the movie to find out the answers.

Some sequences are absolutely funny and you can't stop but laugh out loud. 


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