If you are reading this regularly (?), you would have noticed it. The blog has got a face lift. 

It all started when I realised that one of my avid readers is finding it difficult to search posts on a mobile device. He has been reading my posts on his mobile and has read several of my posts. But searching on mobile was a big problem for him.

I acknowledged that it was a time to relook at the blog theme.

After spending an hour or so, I bumped upon the current theme. I was looking for 2 features primarily.
  • Mobile First
  • Easy access to archives
After trying to fix the old theme, I finally gave up and decided to look for a different theme. 

This one is giving a fresh look to the blog. The ocean background is absolutely stunning and the white area for blog posts is giving the required contrast. The left navigation is prominent and can be customized to add more widgets in future, if I decide to. When switched to mobile view, the left side bar gets nicely tucked under the menu and is still available for readers to use. (This was one of the biggest problems in earlier theme)

As I was trying these changes, I got instant feedback from my avid reader - "Wow!! this is so refreshing. Earlier one was bland!" - Mrunmay exclaimed! 

Then both of us together made some changes to the fonts and then published the theme. Hope you all like it. Leave your feedback in comments section!


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